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Mental health is a delicate issue that suffers from several taboos, which ends up keeping people from seeking help or even realizing that they need help. Where reliability, empathy with professionals, security and privacy are very important.

With OMSA you can schedule an appointment in a few minutes without having to ask for help from anyone or even talk to someone and receive a call from the psychologist, the calls are by video call, regardless of where you are.

We have more than one hundred registered professionals, with flexible hours and days to serve you. Since our foundation, we have worked with several clients in all areas. Excellent services start and end with experienced and friendly professionals, so we highly value the best healthcare professionals to join OMSA We work with the objective of providing the best care experiences to our patients, without queues, poorly executed care and with bureaucracy, we also have user support to improve the patient experience in all areas www.omsa.com.br

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Este site não oferece tratamento ou aconselhamento imediato para pessoas em crise suicida. Em caso de crise, ligue para 188 (CVV) ou acesse o site www.cvv.org.br . Em caso de emergência, procure atendimento em um hospital mais próximo.

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